"Before I started personal training, I didn't do any exercise. I found gyms daunting and didn't have any motivation. I struggled with fluctuating weight for years and it wasn't until I saw a photo of myself, that I realised something needed to change. Within 8 weeks with Jess, I had lost 3 inches, dropped 2 dress sizes and finally had energy I hadn't had for years. Jess has helped me feel in control of my body again. She offers so much more than just training with everything from nutrition to lifestyle advice, helping me get a balance between work, family and time for me!"

Jo, 35yrs, Nurse NHS


"Having just started training with Jess, I'm really enjoying it! I struggle to find the time and motivation to exercise with family and work commitments. Jess has made me realise, that if you break it down, fitting in exercise is achievable. At the moment I am enjoying whole body workouts that push me and she makes me feel motivated to keep going".

Sam, 43yrs, Estate Agent


"Jess is a really approachable personal trainer with great energy and a real sense of fun. I never thought I needed a personal trainer but a friend suggested it, and I am already starting to see results a few weeks later".

Lucy, 31yrs, Retail Assistant